Save Sweet Corn Seed Early

Many sweet corn growers have experienced considerable trouble in getting their early plantings started because the seed rotted quickly. Much of this trouble can be avoided if the growers will select and save their own sweet corn seed.


Just before the corn is ready to pick for the table the most desirable ears and stalks may be marked for seed purposes with a ribbon, string or paint, or by simply bending the stalks over above the ears. In selecting, the moderate-sized stalks which produce heavily and are a little earlier than the average are preferred.

Allow these ears to remain on the stalks until they are thoroughly ripe, then husk and spread out in a dry, warm, airy place, such as an attic. By saving the seed of each variety from the earliest planting, the ears will have an opportunity to dry out during hot weather. During the winter the most desirable ears may be laid by themselves. Thus, a very excellent and dependable strain of sweet corn may be developed. This seed will be more likely to come up in the following spring under adverse conditions than most of the commercial seed.

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